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What are

Predictive Algorithms

Machine learning technologies are changing the paradigm in business decisions by moving it from reactive to predictive.
predictive models are all those techniques that seek to "interpreting" the data, finding out the regularities and trends in order to establish predictions about the future.

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How does it work

The process of a predictive model


Data classification

The data, which will be passed on to artificial intelligence, must be previously labeled, i.e. assigned to a certain category.


Model creation

The algorithm analyzes the sample data and derives a general rule thanks to which, when a new unlabeled case arises, it will be able to classify it.


Predictive analytics

On the basis of the model created and the data provided, the algorithm will be able to carry out predictive analyzes on the results and trends of the future.

When to choose it

Areas of application

The predictive model is applied in commerce, in the calculation of cash flows, in personnel planning and risk identification or in industrial production and maintenance of machines.
Being able to predict risks and malfunctions, as well as being able to anticipate customer needs, are today more than ever the factors that make the difference and allow companies to evolve.

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